So I stumbled upon a lot of pics that I’d nearly forgotten about. This getting older shit is intense! I feel like an entirely different person now.

In no particular order but most of these were taken 2000-2004.

These two pics in this latex nurse costume were taken from the very first photo shoot that I ever remember posing for.

Hooray for an 8 megapixel camera, LOL, circa 2000.

Versatile Fashions nurses costume, circa 1998
Versatile Fashions nurses costume, circa 1998

Now onward to the other pics that I found last night. Keep in mind that these are non-professional low-res. I found two discs with tons of pics that I have yet to go through.

Vampire Technology print, 2001
Fuzzy pic BTS during Vampire Technology shoot in 2001
Body paint by Frank Ippolito
Body paint by Frank Ippolito
Test shots from 2000.
Vampire Technology, modeling a 40 lb rubber skirt
Shot sometime in the late 90’s
My first time ever doing burlesque in 2003
On the set of Dexter in 2007
I miss my 9 ft green sectional couch!
I’m 18, a babe in the woods, natural curls
RIP Magic Gardens in downtown Chinatown, PDX
Shot by Ashley Fontenot in 2003.
Modeling in MN in 2002
The fairest of them all, 2009?

My birthday’s in a week and I’m not sure how to feel about it, as I mentioned in my IG. Have a great weekend!